How IHR LABOR 1220

carries out its tests

Blood samples are collected from 7am in the morning until 3pm (Mon-Thurs) or 12 noon (Fri). During this time, you can drop by to have the sample collected without an appointment.

If you would like to have a blood sample taken, please come with an empty stomach. Your last meal should be at least ten hours before sample collection. Some special tests require you to comply with a certain diet or avoid eating certain foods beforehand.

Our specialist staff at reception are pleased to inform your how long the test will last and what will happen. Please state here how you would like to receive your results. You can choose to collect them in person, have them delivered by post or download them digitally using a password. Results are generally available within 24 hours of blood sample collection (special tests and microbiological tests take a little longer). You can find further information on your results here.

Our specialist doctors are available to answer any questions you might have about your results.

We will keep your samples for a week under appropriate conditions, in case your doctor would like further tests done (which are not time-critical).

Usually, you will get a referral slip from the doctor who is treating you. Please bring this referral slip and your e-card with you when you have a blood sample taken. You will not incur any further costs for laboratory analyses which are done according to a referral slip and are paid for by your sickness insurance fund. However, there are also special tests which the sickness insurance funds do not pay for. Our staff will of course provide you with information on the costs you will incur for such tests.